What week of our confinement are we in now?

I lost the count! Today, I bring you some very easy, delicious, and nutrient-packed lunch and dinner ideas to boost your immune system and brain function.

What is very important to keep in mind with any meal is the portions on your plate. Please be open-minded here, what I’m about to suggest has been more than proven to change your health in just a few days, boost your energy, sharpen your brain, and get rid of pain, and if you need more reasons, better sleep, better mood, hormonal balance and much more.

This is what I mean:

Your dish should ideally include vegetables, protein, and carbohydrates with the use of healthy fats, see below:

  • Vegetables, this serving should be about 50% of your food, use a rainbow of different vegetables, raw or lightly cooked, in salads or soups. Use good sources of fats when cooking, marinating, or mixing, such as coconut oil, olive oil, nuts, seeds, avocado.
  • Then your protein source, if having an animal protein diet the portion of the meat should not exceed the size or the palm of your hand about 30 to 40 % of your plate. If having a vegan or vegetarian diet include plant based sources such as beans – edamame, broad beans- lentils, chickpeas, algae and hemp.
  • To complete your plate, the carbohydrate portion, about 20 or 10% of your plate. Ideally a natural non-processed carbohydrate such as sweet potatoes, parsnips, any other root vegetable, wholegrain, wild or brown rice, millet, quinoa etc. If you have processed portions keep the size small.

We do need carbohydrates to absorb protein and as a source of energy, but it must be natural, plants are natural sources of these micronutrients, so you don’t need the heavy flours and meat in each meal.

Remember white products are highly inflammatory, your brain won’t love it, believe me.

If you want to avoid those cravings and the feeling of being hungry all the time, keep to the portions explained above, your body will have the good fats necessary to help you go through the fasting time between meals, burn fat using it as your body’s fuel, and not the glucose. You will leave behind any glucose level problems including pre-diabetes, diabetes, insulin resistance – your heart, brain and joints will love you for the rest of your life!

Extra tips!

  • Eat your soup and/ or vegetables first.
  • Green leaves with carrots and coriander salad, great on its own or adding more sources of plant based protein if you want to keep it vegan such as pine nuts, sesame seeds, or add egg or turkey or chicken breast or an easy homemade fish pâté
    See Recipe
  • Celeriac soup, fresh and silky texture packed with goodies for your body, you can cook a good batch and freeze it to enjoy another day, saving time
    See Recipe
  • Avocado bites, easy, quick and so nutritious, your brain will love it!
    See Recipe

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