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"Claudia has helped me enormously with my diet and nutritional needs. She listens with complete empathy to everything you have to say with true understanding and she is a great cook! She is always willing to be there when you need any further advice or guidance. Thank you Claudia.”

Karen, Midhurst, SussexCourse taken: Individual Plan NaturBalance Sessions and workshop

"I first met Claudia at a nutritional workshop; she helped us understand that mental and physical conditions can all be helped with the right diet and balance of foods to keep a healthy gut.
I was so impressed with Claudia’s knowledge and passion for the subject that I decided to make an appointment for a consultation to see whether she may be able to help with my restless legs problem."

Rosemary, FernhurstCourse taken: Workshop on real causes of inflammation, pain and other immune system illness

"I suffered digestive problems, which I was managing with medication and antacids. I was also gaining weight rapidly.
I met with Claudia for the first time and within 2 months with her guidance, I have not only managed to eliminate the indigestion, but I’ve also managed to lose 8kgs in the process! I’m feeling better than ever.
My energy levels have increased and best of all I get to sleep properly for 7 to 8 hours every night!"

Patricia, LondonCourse taken: Individual Plan NaturBalance Online Session

"I had been suffering from hair loss during 2017 and was introduced to Claudia. She understood the problem and advised me on nutritional changes I should make. These changes have been very effective!"

Uschi, FernhurstCourse taken: NaturCooking Session

A few months have passed since I finished my ‘Feeling Great Program’ for 6 months with Claudia, and I am still very happy with my results. Without a doubt, introducing changes to my daily food intake, more than following a “diet”, it has been KEY to keep the results for a long time, as it became my style of life. Thanks for your couching and advice I have been able to achieve the goal I wanted when I started this process.

Anabella Flores -UK

Following a successful bowel procedure during 2019 I contacted Claudia for much needed dietary advice. She discussed and put together a plan which quickly helped to relieve the initial post-operative discomfort I was experiencing and get me back to a more normal life style. Claudia is very professional, kind and understanding with a cheerful and friendly personality. I enjoyed our sessions and the fact that we were able to laugh occasionally whilst discussing a serious subject.

Malcolm, HaslemereIndividual Plan NaturBalance Sessions